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Joao-M. Ladeira

Joao Ladeira is a contemporary artist whose works comment on current affairs and particularly on issues affecting migration of people around world due to socio-political and economic instability, particularly in the African continent. Ladeira’s art exposes the human side of displaced people on the continent of Africa. Ladeira is a graduate of the University of Johannesburg where he earned a Master’s Degree in Fine Art and Design and did his research on “New Materials and Designs in Sustainable Community Development Projects”. Ladeira has worked at the University of Johannesburg and the University of Pretoria. He also worked in community engagement programs around South Africa. Ladeira has traveled extensively throughout the continent of Africa, Europe and North America. Ladeira is a recipient of: Charles Moody Research Fellowship, where he was a guest scholar at University of Michigan, School of Arts and Design (2004). South African Initiatives Office Research Fellowship, Centre for Afro and Afro-American Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, 2004. Scarce Skills Fellowship Award, National Research Foundation, Lynwood, South Africa, 2002. Prestigious and Equity Scholarship, National Research Foundation, Lynwood, South Africa, 2005.

Ladeira uses different techniques in his canvas, such as drawings, painting and collage to communicate his message. The figures are made of drawings most of the time defaced, sometimes, with directional lines, or wave-like lines to emulate the sea waves of the deep waters, were thousands African migrants perish trying to reach the shores of Europe. These Migrants are often smuggled from the coast of Libya, on the flimsy boats that offers little security or none; often ending up in a shipwreck tragedy. The works aims to give face to the faceless, voice to the voiceless, and name to the nameless. With his works, Ladeira believes “it is a way to honour those migrants who die trying to cross the Sea”.

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Joao-M. Ladeira; Beauty Makes You See Beyond the Lovely Light
24 Oct 2022