Valuation Form for Artworks 

We are pleased to provide, at no charge, auction estimates for items that are of a type and value typically sold at Strauss & Co.

Please use this valuation form for paintings, works on paper and sculptures only. For valuations on any other pieces, please contact us directly for assistance.

Please note that any estimates provided are based upon the photo(s) supplied and are subject to re-evaluation upon seeing the work "in the flesh".

We would place a reserve on the pieces to protect you, this is usually between 10% and 20% below the low estimate (or, at best, the low estimate). It is not our practice to place a reserve higher than the low estimate.

Seller's Commission
If selected for a live auction, we will charge a 12% selling commission for anything selling at the hammer price over R10 000 and 15% at R10 000 and below. Please note that VAT is charged on the commission only.

Additional Costs
The commission charged covers cataloguing and illustration costs and for the duration of your artwork being in our care, the piece will be insured. Any other costs such as restoration or framing will be for your direct account regardless of whether the item sells or not.

Contact Details

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Describe the Item (required)

A thorough description of the item is required in order to determine an accurate value. For instance, is it a painting, a work on paper or a sculpture? Is it a single piece or part of a set or collection?

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Please attach a photograph of the item. We will accept up to three GIF, JPG and PNG images with a maximum size of 1.5MB per image.

Additional images are optional

Additional Information (optional)

Provide the artist's name (if known)

Provide the title of the item (if known)

If the item is a painting, what is the medium? Is it an oil painting, a watercolour or a print?

What are the dimensions? If it is a painting then please don't include the frame.

Provide details of any identifying marks or signatures, a date, a title or an inscription (check the reverse).

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Describe the item's condition detailing any rips, holes, stains, discolourations etc.

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Provenance (optional)

How did you acquire the item? Do you know anything of its history? Please provide details.

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Are you aware if the item has ever been exhibited or featured in any literature? Please provide details.

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Additional Comments (optional)

Please include any other comments or information about the item that you believe may help our specialists.

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