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  • Huet; Le Mont Sec; 2011, 2014, 2015; 5 (1 x 5); 750ml

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Le Mont Sec, 2011, 2014, 2015
5 (1 x 5) 750ml

Known for their elegant, flinty style, the domaine's wines are amongst the longest lasting white wines in the world! Produced from 3 vineyards in varying degrees of sweetness depending on the vintage, the hallmark of Huet’s wines is their unmistakable freshness and natural acidity. Due to its extremely shallow, stony soils, Clos du Bourg often synthesizes Le Mont’s intense minerality with Le Haut-Lieu’s generous texture.

Biodynamic Certification
Farmed and made according to biodynamic practices, and certified by Demeter or Biodyvin. Based on the knowledge that the soil, plants, animals and farmers work together in one agricultural cycle. Only a certified organic producer can be considered for Biodynamic certification.
Demeter have rules on growing and vinification is stricter than organic certification – for example, less use of copper sulphate per hectare, and the requirement for natural yeasts for fermentation.
Similar to organic farming, biodynamic farming uses no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Biodynamic farming works to achieve soil health through the use of compost, animal and green manures; diversified crop rotations; and incorporation of livestock. However, the two agricultural systems differ in that biodynamic farmers rely on eight specific preparations for the soil, crops and compost to enhance soil and plant quality, and to stimulate the composting process. The eight preparations, designated by their ingredients or by numbers 500 to 507, are made from cow manure; silica; the flowers of yarrow, chamomile, dandelion and valerian; oak bark; and the stinging nettle plant. A ninth prep, often referred to as 508, is made from horsetail and is used for fungal disease.

Critics Ratings

2011 -‘Light yellow. The most elegant of the three Huet Secs in 2011. Great harmony. Clear notes of quince and smoke. On the palate, very elegant again, very present acidity, full bodied, a lot of tension. Great potential.’ -, 92/100 (Mar 2013)

2014 - ‘Huet's 2014 Vouvray Le Mont Sec is the other wine that wine lovers should buy and store, especially those with a heart for crystalline and extremely mineral wines. If Clos du Bourg is like something between Chablis and Riesling, Le Mont is comparable with Sancerre from Silex soils, but again also dry Riesling from the bedrock parts of Lower Austria (along the Danube river). Its aroma on the nose intertwines white and green fruits like apples and lemons with coolish flint stone, spicy and floral aromas in a subtly intense, very intriguing and complex way. There is a great purity and linearity on the complex and elegant, intense and persistent palate, but also some ripe fruit flavors that remind not just of crystalline Riesling but also aromatic wines from grape varieties such as Muscat or Sauvignon Blanc. This is a powerful and intense but much more finesse-full, purely mineral and highly elegant wine with a beautiful touch of sweetness (say roundness) and lovely citrus flavors. This is the most elegant and delicate Chenin of Huet's dry trio and its aromatic length, energy, salinity and spell-binding finesse is truly unrivaled. This is simply great Chenin Blanc and Huet's hallmark wine of the vintage. Chapeau!’ - Stephan Reinhardt, Wine Advocate, 96/100 (Nov 2015)

2015 - ‘The 2015 Vouvray Le Mont Sec is pure, precise and very flinty on the nose, which reveals a concentrated and elegant fruit with lemon and crushed stone flavors. Full-bodied, pure and piquant, with a tight and mineral structure, as well as a very persistent finish, this is a highly complex yet finesse-full Chenin with a great aging potential. I'd love to drink the 2015 today, although I know it will become much more complex over the years. The finish is enormously long and reveals fine tannins.’ - Stephan Reinhardt, Wine Advocate, 95/100 (Oct 2016)


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