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  • Nicolas Joly; Savennières-Roche aux Moines Clos de la Bergerie; 2013; 6 (1 x 6); 750ml

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ZAR 7 000 - 9 000

About this Item

Savennières-Roche aux Moines Clos de la Bergerie, 2013
6 (1 x 6) 750ml

Domaine Nicolas Joly is a wine producer based in the Savennières appellation of the Loire Valley. It is known for its ageworthy wines made from Chenin Blanc, particularly those from the monopole Coulée de Serrant vineyard. The vineyards were originally planted by Cistercian monks in the 12th century, but re-invigorated by the Joly family in 1961. Nicolas Joly converted the property to biodynamic status in 1984.

Biodynamic Certification
Farmed and made according to biodynamic practices, and certified by Demeter or Biodyvin. Based on the knowledge that the soil, plants, animals and farmers work together in one agricultural cycle. Only a certified organic producer can be considered for Biodynamic certification.
Demeter have rules on growing and vinification is stricter than organic certification – for example, less use of copper sulphate per hectare, and the requirement for natural yeasts for fermentation.
Similar to organic farming, biodynamic farming uses no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Biodynamic farming works to achieve soil health through the use of compost, animal and green manures; diversified crop rotations; and incorporation of livestock. However, the two agricultural systems differ in that biodynamic farmers rely on eight specific preparations for the soil, crops and compost to enhance soil and plant quality, and to stimulate the composting process. The eight preparations, designated by their ingredients or by numbers 500 to 507, are made from cow manure; silica; the flowers of yarrow, chamomile, dandelion and valerian; oak bark; and the stinging nettle plant. A ninth prep, often referred to as 508, is made from horsetail and is used for fungal disease.

Critics Ratings

‘The vines have an average age of 25 years and, of course, the vineyards are farmed biodynamically using only indigenous yeasts in the fermentation. Fermented and aged in neutral barrels, this wine evokes the classic beeswax and lychee nose of great Chenin. The mouth feel is more linear than the Vieux Clos with more aging time needed to open up to notes of quince, baked apple and some exotic citrus.’ - Vineyard of the Coulee de Serrant Official Website


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