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Timed Online Auction, 18 May - 1 June 2022

Textile Auction
  • Jutta Faulds; Sunspots Disrupt the Rain Dance
  • Jutta Faulds; Sunspots Disrupt the Rain Dance
  • Jutta Faulds; Sunspots Disrupt the Rain Dance
  • Jutta Faulds; Sunspots Disrupt the Rain Dance
  • Jutta Faulds; Sunspots Disrupt the Rain Dance

Lot Estimate
ZAR 8 000 - 12 000

About this Item

Jutta Faulds
German/South African 1933-2021
Sunspots Disrupt the Rain Dance

embroidered with the artist's signature

mixed media with patchwork, appliqué, paint and brass buttons on textile
110 by 235cm


Fibre art is an art form that encompasses a very large range of techniques, materials and approaches that give the fibre artist the possibility of expressing themselves in almost unlimited ways. Work may be composed of numerous different types of fibre in combination with other materials such as paint, dyes, and embellishments such as beads and found objects. Fibre refers to materials that are made up of continuous filaments or elongated pieces similar to lengths of thread. These include natural fibres (including cotton, hemp, jute, flax, sisal, linen, paper, textile, leaf and seed fibre, spider silk, sinew, cat-gut, wool, hair, cashmere, mohair and angora), metallic fibres (drawn from ductile metals like copper, gold, silver and steel) or synthetic fibres (such as nylon, acrylic, Tyvek etc.). The endless, exciting fibre possibilities and combinations include basketry, beading, braiding, crochet, embroidery, felting and felt making, fibre knots, knitting, Kumihimo (a traditional Japanese artform of interlaced braids and cords), lace-making, needlework, paper making, papier maché, patchwork, quilting, spinning, weaving and knotting. These materials can be torn, dyed, burnt, frayed, glued, painted, embroidered, woven, ripped, cut, folded, crumpled, hammered, layered, looped or otherwise manipulated. Fibre artworks transcend the literal. Their foundation is the knowledge of materials through which the artist finds his or her own voice, giving the work originality and perhaps a quality of mystery. The work of internationally renowned South African fibre/textile artists and teachers has been exhibited locally and abroad and forms part of public and private collections both in South Africa and across the world.


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