Art Rooted in Nature: Evening Sale

Live Virtual Auction, 25 June 2024

Evening Sale
About the Session

South African artists have long drawn inspiration from the earth, capturing the beauty and complexity of flora and landscapes, with their works. The selection for sale emphasises themes of both human and non-human elements in nature, reflecting a profound connection to the environment.

This auction showcases a rich artwork medley that delves into the intricate relationship between the natural world and artistic expression. Featuring botanical depictions, landscapes, coastal scenes, floral still lifes and garden scenes in the Cape and beyond, the sale highlights the enduring relevance of nature in art, especially in the context of contemporary ecological concerns.

This auction celebrates the harmony between scientific precision and artistic creativity, making a compelling case for the ongoing relevance of depicting nature.

Running from 7 to 25 June to coincide with the Hermanus Fynarts Festival 2024, the Strauss & Co auction aims to complement the festival’s vibrant celebration of creativity in all its forms.

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Lot 270
  • Herman van Nazareth; Landscape
  • Herman van Nazareth; Landscape
  • Herman van Nazareth; Landscape

Lot Estimate
ZAR 50 000 - 60 000
Current Bid
Starting at ZAR 50 000
Cape Town
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About this Item

South African 1936-


oil on board
56,5 by 67cm excluding frame; 64 by 74 by 4cm including frame


"A member of the celebrated ‘Sestiger’ Group, Van Nazareth is famed for his sculpture making and portraiture. His landscape paintings form another important body of his oeuvre. No specific geographical placement is suggested in his landscapes; rather his focus lies in presenting atmospheric moments of remembered emotion and the effects of light changes on his colour palette. Here, thick impasto suggests the fecund quality of vegetation and growth. Swathes of lime greens and vermillion reds and orange are cut by colour contrasts of ice blue and cream. The movement created by these juxtaposed colours contrasts dramatically with the implied stillness of uninhabited space."—Barbara Lindop

In celebration of the Hermanus Fynarts Festival 2024, Strauss & Co is proud to feature a selection of works curated by Intethe Gallery, Hermanus. The gallery was established in 2015 by Barbara Lindop, a legendary figure who has devoted over 45 years to identifying the extraordinary talent of Southern African artists. Lindop is perhaps best known for the work on Gerard Sekoto, one of South Africa’s most important modernist artists. Twenty–two artworks across the Day and Evening auctions are from Intethe Gallery’s collective. Barbara Lindop notes, "These artists, united in their common purpose, create aesthetic and relevant artistic commentary on contemporary sociopolitical concerns. Their work is poetic, powerful, and thought-provoking."

The auction will feature pieces addressing global warming, cultural practices, the beauty and spirituality of the natural world, political commentary, and the celebration of humanity. These themes are conveyed through various mediums including texture, line, colour planes, sculptural and ceramic forms. Lindop emphasises, "It is the privilege of the Gallery to assist in promoting these artists."

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