Online-Only Auction, 12 - 19 October 2020

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Emerging Painting Invitational Prize (EPI) is an international art platform developed by the Emerging African Art Galleries Association (EAAGA) to support and recognise the excellence of emerging painters living and working on the continent.

Due to Covid-19 the artworks are in various locations in Africa. Delivery can be arranged with EAAGA after checkout, and please note that delivery and any additional import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

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Lot 4
  • Dorra Mahjoubi; Blue Gaze
  • Dorra Mahjoubi; Blue Gaze

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ZAR 10 000 - 12 000
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About this Item

Tunisia 1990 -
Blue Gaze
pencil on paper in ceramic frame
22 by 15cm


Artist will give the buyer instructions on how to hang the drawing.

Dorra Mahjoubi is born in Tunis in 1990. Her artistic academic studies started at the Institute of FIne Arts in Tunis in 2013 after a licence in social Law. She decided to join art studies. Dorra Mahjoubi attended Paul Valéry University in Montpellier France which permitted her to deepen her knowledge and obtain a Master degree in contemporary Art History. The Artist oriented her work towards political and social experiences. At a time when the feelings of urgency in the world - whether climatic, migratory, or the of identity, she chose a global citizenship and refuted any notion of a political frontier to better question the intimate borders that live inside the persons subjected to the process of emigration-immigration; for, as she affirms with conviction, "to take root on either side of the sea is to constantly face the absence, to accept to be built in silence. It is to exist paradoxically twice and only exist as a half ". Dorra’s work aspires to bridge the two shores of the Mediterranean. As a poet and a singer as well as an artist, Dorra does not believe in limiting the modes of her expression. Her works question the origins of life and centrality of women and their creative energy in it.


This lot is featured as one of the finalists for the Emerging Painting Invitational Prize (EPI). This is an international art platform developed by the Emerging African Art Galleries Association (EAAGA) to support and recognise the excellence of emerging painters living and working on the continent.

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