Online-Only Auction, 12 - 19 October 2020

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Emerging Painting Invitational Prize (EPI) is an international art platform developed by the Emerging African Art Galleries Association (EAAGA) to support and recognise the excellence of emerging painters living and working on the continent.

Due to Covid-19 the artworks are in various locations in Africa. Delivery can be arranged with EAAGA after checkout, and please note that delivery and any additional import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

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Lot 20
  • Kirubel Abebe; Persona 01
  • Kirubel Abebe; Persona 01

Lot Estimate
ZAR 20 000 - 30 000
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About this Item

Ethiopia 1992 -
Persona 01
acrylic on canvas
100 by 100cm


I am figurative painter who is based in Addis Ababa. My interest in art started hatching when I was a little kid. Being born in a planet where art is as ubiquitous as air, it was inevitable that I would eventually run in to it and have a whiff of its freshness. And I did. Since then, it developed to a hobby, an addictive habit, of copying pictures and portraits from books and magazines. From that point on, it became an obsession, so I enrolled at Addis Ababa School of Fine Arts, which is the only major art school in Ethiopia. Through those four year, I began a journey of self-discovery. That’s when I knew I was born to paint. I can say my time in the school added an enormous value to my works; process of thinking and creativity.


After finishing my BFA in panting I spent a brief time in the studio meditating through art, thinking critically and repenting through painting, I have been in quest depicting humans beyond the physical and been tending to focus more on the intrinsic side, one that’s more felt than seen or touched. Through this critical analysis of societal roles, and by observing human’s temperament, behaviour, ego character, fear, emotions and their bond to taboos and customs, I laid the seeds of my art.


This lot is featured as one of the finalists for the Emerging Painting Invitational Prize (EPI). This is an international art platform developed by the Emerging African Art Galleries Association (EAAGA) to support and recognise the excellence of emerging painters living and working on the continent.

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