Online-Only Auction, 12 - 19 October 2020

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Emerging Painting Invitational Prize (EPI) is an international art platform developed by the Emerging African Art Galleries Association (EAAGA) to support and recognise the excellence of emerging painters living and working on the continent.

Due to Covid-19 the artworks are in various locations in Africa. Delivery can be arranged with EAAGA after checkout, and please note that delivery and any additional import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

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Lot 16
  • George Masarira; Sweet & Sour
  • George Masarira; Sweet & Sour

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ZAR 12 000 - 16 000
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Zimbabwe 1990 -
Sweet & Sour
acrylic on duplex
60 by 75cm


My art career began in 2008, when I became a student at the Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre in Bulawayo. The central focus of my studies was fine art, but I also studied ceramic design, pottery, and wood carving.

Following my graduation at Mzilikazi Art Centre in 2010, I began my journey towards a formal art career by sharing a home studio with Zachariah Mukwira, a professional artist who is now practicing in Cape Town, South Africa.


Becoming a resident artist at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo in 2013 transformed my career immeasurably, challenging me to take risks in exploring my full potential and creating exhibition opportunities both in Zimbabwe and internationally.


“I am mainly inspired by contemporary events unfolding around me, encompassing, politics, economic, religion, environment, and anything that involves cosmopolitan philosophy surrounding me. My art describes what I feel to be the truth. I can be summarized as a radical cosmopolitan artist.

“I refrain from art which does not speak to the heart and mind, My works are a blend of lens capturing, emotional raptures, philosophical triggers with a well thought-out tapestry of hand movement and paint brush stroke coordination.”

Recent exhibitions include: 2019 Rembrandt at 350, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare;  2019 Solo exhibition (Calculations), Muzi Mavuso (MMA) Art House (Johannesburg, South Africa), 2017 Amanzi Contemporary private exhibition (UK)2015 Solo exhibition (African Lifecycle) Germany


This lot is featured as one of the finalists for the Emerging Painting Invitational Prize (EPI). This is an international art platform developed by the Emerging African Art Galleries Association (EAAGA) to support and recognise the excellence of emerging painters living and working on the continent.

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