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Live Auction, 16 February 2019

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ZAR 51 210
Lot 101
  • Mia Chaplin; Olivie in the Pink Room

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ZAR 20 000 - 30 000
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ZAR 51 210

About this Item

South African 1990-
Olivie in the Pink Room
oil on canvas
52,5 by 42cm excluding frame


Olivie in the Pink Room is a portrait of one of Chaplin’s close friends – painted from life. ‘She paints the places and people most familiar to her, yet her still lifes, portraits, landscapes and nudes feel at once closely intimate but slightly removed. Often revisiting her subjects, Chaplin constantly mines their surfaces in an effort to capture a fleeting essence, be it the private interior of her studio, a plant on the windowsill or a familiar face … Working spontaneously Chaplin’s loose brushstrokes simultaneously coalesce and fall apart. The subject is rendered secondary to the pleasure of painting, to the materiality and movements of the marks. Chaplin’s intuitive translations are inexact; uncertain spaces with curious compositions, yet she skillfully captures the interplay of light, the atmosphere of place, and the emotive quality of her subjects … Her suggestive, rather than illustrative, approach lends her paintings a dreamlike quality. Because they are not intricately described, the works appear as a vague memory, slipping away, and moving towards her paintings, the forms dissolve into pools of colour and brush marks. It is only from a distance that the composition recovers itself, and the dream becomes fleetingly lucid.’1

  1. WHATIFTHEWORLD. (2016) Binding Forms, [Online] Available: https://www.whatiftheworld. com/exhibition/binding-forms/ [7 December 2018].


WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town, Binding Forms, 22 June to 27 August 2016.

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