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De Toren Private Cellar, Meerlust Estate and Mullineux

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  • Meerlust; Rubicon Vertical; 2004 - 2017 (no 2007 & 2011); 12 (12 x 1); 750ml
  • Meerlust; Rubicon Vertical; 2004 - 2017 (no 2007 & 2011); 12 (12 x 1); 750ml
  • Meerlust; Rubicon Vertical; 2004 - 2017 (no 2007 & 2011); 12 (12 x 1); 750ml
  • Meerlust; Rubicon Vertical; 2004 - 2017 (no 2007 & 2011); 12 (12 x 1); 750ml

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ZAR 17 588

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Rubicon Vertical, 2004 - 2017 (no 2007 & 2011)
12 (12 x 1) 750ml

Meerlust Estate, owned by the Myburgh family, has been in the family for eight generations. Located 5km from False Bay, the property was given the name 'Meerlust' from the original owner, which means 'pleasure of the sea'. The Meerlust name is synonymous with tradition, elegance and longevity. In fact, it was their Cabernet Sauvignon, produced since 1975, that was the first to carry the Meerlust label.

In 1980 after several years of experimentation, Nico Myburgh with fellow winemaker Giorgio Dalla Cia, their new estate was born and it was unlike anything South Africa had seen before. The introduction was a Rubicon moment for South African fine wine market. One of SA’s most recognised blends, The name ‘Rubicon’ is from ancient Roman days as the crucial border of the ancient capital was named the Rubicon River. When the border was crossed it was deemed as an irrevocable point in history, much like the introduction of Rubicon to the South African fine wine market. Meerlust is committed to ensuring that Rubicon becomes even more distinguished and continues to occupy its rightful place amongst the finest wines in the world.

Critics Ratings

All the wines were tasted by Roland Peens & Higgo Jacobs with Hannes Myburgh, Wim Truter( Cellarmaster) at Meerlust in February 2021.

2004 Rubicon

Old school with mature, leathery sweet nose. The palate is quite lush and delicious with its savoury, sweetly-fruited complexity. Long and fine. Drink now. - Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 91/100

Older SA character of fudgy fruit and worn leather. The palate has good integrity, structure and harmony. Mature but complex and delicate. Ready to drink. - Higgo Jacobs (Feb 2021), 90/100

2005 Rubicon

Mature, ripe, heady nose show some reduction. The palate is meaty with dried herbs and dark plums. Spicy with slight vanilla note, good poise and depth. Drink now to 2030.- Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 92/100

Parallel drawn with the 2005 Cabernet, displaying a similar nose of wood polish and mint. The palate is on another level though. Power and finesse. Incredible concentration of deep, dark fruits presented in a completely harmonious, seamless palate delivery. Expect a healthy sediment deposit. Decant for an hour and enjoy. - Higgo Jacobs (Feb 2021), 94/100

2006 Rubicon

There is more earthy savouriness here with a leaner guise. Quite tannic and backward showing some greenness and ripe sweetness. Tough vintage which is incline. Drink now.- Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 90/100

More red fruit and earthy austerity on the 2006. Firm, grippy tannins. Dry finish. This needs time to integrate and open up. - Higgo Jacobs (Feb 2021), 91/100

2008 Rubicon

Very attractive nose with sweet fruit and aromatics. Deep, spicy and rich with milk chocolate and berry compost. Super balance, soft, elegant and delicious! Tough vintage, but great wine, great surprise. Drink now to 2035 - Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 93/100

Perfumed intro includes red currant, spearmint, fennel and crème de cassis. This is wonderfully fresh and bright. Elegant, soft, delicate and seamless. Still has life, but this is drinking very generously for those preferring more life to their reds. 71% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Merlot, 9% Cab Franc and 1% Petit Verdot. - Higgo Jacobs (Feb 2021), 95/100

2009 Rubicon

As expected, the highlight of the tasting. Pure and beguiling nose, with Bordeaux-like graphite and forest floor notes. Dense, rich, and structured with powerful yet lacy tannins. Fine balance with a serious demeanour. Drink 2025 to 2040. - Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 95/100

Expressive of the vintage, the 2009 shows more intensity and concentration of dark fruit, still very tightly packed. Hint of sweet mocha. Unwavering structure, although there is a sweetness and opulence to the fruit that allows drinkability. A long haul vintage. - Higgo Jacobs (Feb 2021), 95/100

2010 Rubicon

Dark ripe, cola and ribena. Quite round, soft, juicy and attractive. Nice balance of savoury and primary fruit. Pretty long and impressive. Drink now to 2030- Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 92/100

2012 Rubicon

Really elegant with lovely depth and fine aromatics. Some toasty oak evident as well as slight sweet sour, savoury notes. Firm tannin and acidity with long finish. Drink now to 2030 - Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 92/100

Incredible purity. Completely open-knit and generous, but also beautifully elegant and appetising. Cherries, pomegranate, flint and pot-pourri perfume overlayed on a sleek palate. This is one of the underrated Cape vintages of the post-2000 era, revealing ever more composure and elegance with age. For those with preference of the less ripe vintages. - Higgo Jacobs (Feb 2021), 95/100

2013 Rubicon

Offering some mushroom, earthy and savoury notes combined with sweet fruit and moderately high acidity. Lovely dense and charming palate, with red fruit and oaky notes. Drinking well. Drink now to 2030- Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 91/100

Earthy, wet clay and garrigue. Some marmite. Steely, firm grip on the palate still. Reductive, needs time. - Higgo Jacobs (Feb 2021), 90/100

2014 Rubicon

A very elegant, shy wine that is not showing its full character. Chunkier on the palate with good ripeness and fine tannins. The acidity and oak is not quite integrated. Drink 2025 to 2035- Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 91/100

Sweet oak notes of chocolate and coffee combines with tight dark fruit and the typical underscore of herbal nuance. Medium-bodied. Soft finish. Drink - Higgo Jacobs (Feb 2021), 91/100

2015 Rubicon

High-toned with very primary red and black fruits. Serious oak support along with some caramel and fruit sweetness. Lush, dense and tannic, it’s difficult to appreciate now, but there is huge potential as all the components integrate. Drink 2030-2045.- Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 94+/100

Cabernet to the fore in the 2015, this has graphite, cedar, cassis and liquorice. Incredible intensity in inner perfume. Big potential with further cellaring. - Higgo Jacobs (Feb 2021), 95/100

2016 Rubicon

Somewhat herbal and minty, there is rich primary sweet fruit in a more modern style. Racy, soft and well balanced. Tough vintage but handled well. Drink now to 2032- Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 90/100

Dusty intro. Then plummy fruit. Needs time but lacks the promise of 15 and 17. Sweet herbs and ripe red fruit. - Higgo Jacobs (Feb 2021), 90/100

2017 Rubicon

Closed notes, but leaner and more elegant than 2015. Slight mint edge with raspberry and cassis. Finely textured yet, dark and rich. Bold, structured, and earthy tannins with lots of depth, power and balance. It will be great to compare with the more burly 2015 over time. Drink 2032-2048- Roland Peens (Feb 2021), 94+/100

Pure Cabernet expression, with leafy spice interest from Cab F and Merlot. Super balance and purity here, with volume that unfolds with time in the glass. Very promising for future Rubicon. - Higgo Jacobs (Feb 2021), 95/100



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