Frequently Asked Questions

Bidding online is as easy as 1... 2... 3...

 1 Register

To place a bid you must first register for the auction. You can do this simply by clicking on the "Register to Bid" link and completing the short online form.

 2 Browse

You can easily browse the auction by lot or department. You can also find paintings by artist or use the filter option to search for items based on price or keyword.

Click on the   icon to keep a list of your favourite lots.

 3 Bid

To place a bid click on "Submit your Bid" to show the bidding popup and then just press the submit button to accept the next bid value.

We can also bid on your behalf if you enter a maximum amount.

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  Do I have to register for every auction?

Yes, even if you are already an existing client, you need to register to get a bidder number for each auction if you want to bid.

  When can I register?

Registration can only take place once an auction has opened. If you don't see the "Register to Bid" link alongside the "Sign In" link then registration is not open.

  I've registered, how do I sign in?

Once you have registered you can use your Email Address and password to sign in anytime simply by clicking the "Sign In" link.

  How will I know when I'm outbid?

The system will send you an email and an SMS every time you are outbid on a lot. Please note that due to high traffic volumes we do not send out notifications in the last hour of an auction.

  How do I submit a Commission Bid?

When placing a bid you have the option of submitting a Commission Bid. In this way you can set a maximum amount and the system will bid on your behalf, when required, until your ceiling has been reached. We will notify you once you have eventually been outbid so that you can sign in and extend your maximum bid (please remember that notifications are not sent in the last hour of the auction).

  What do I need to know about Commission Bids?

Commission Bids are aligned with our bidding increments (see table) so should you enter a Commission Bid that is not a valid bidding increment for that lot it will automatically be reduced to the closest bidding increment.

For example:

A lot currently has a bid of R 2000, you are prepared to go to R 2600 so you enter a Commission Bid of R 2600. However, according to the table, R 2600 is not a valid bidding increment so your Commission Bid will automatically be reduced to R 2500.

 Important Note
The maximum amount you have entered might not actually be used if the bidding is against you.

For example:

A lot currently has a bid of R 1600, you are prepared to bid to R 2000 so you enter a Commission Bid of R 2000. However, since you cannot bid against yourself, your Commission Bid of R 2000 might not actually be used - this is illustrated as follows:

  • The current bid is R 1600
  • Your bid is R 1700
  • Someone else bids R 1800
  • Your next bid is R 1900
  • Someone else bids R 2000

Your R 2000 maximum will not be used as you cannot bid against yourself and your next bid would therefore be R 2200.

  How will I know if I was successful?

Once the auction is done we will send you an email detailing which lots you have purchased and how you can go about checking out.

  What are the bidding increments?

Current Bid Increment
Under R 200 R 10
R 200 - R 500 R 20 / R 30 (R 220, R 250, R 280, R 300...)
R 500 - R 1000 R 50
R 1000 - R 2000 R 100
R 2000 - R 5000 R 200 / R 300 (R 2200, R 2500, R 2800...)
R 5000 - R 10000 R 500

and so on in multiples of 10 ...

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