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  • Willem Boshoff; Prehistoric Dice II
  • Willem Boshoff; Prehistoric Dice II
  • Willem Boshoff; Prehistoric Dice II
  • Willem Boshoff; Prehistoric Dice II

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ZAR 113 800
Cape Town

About this Item

South African 1951-
Prehistoric Dice II
edition 2/3
polished Belfast granite dice on an engraved Transkei granite base
the first, height: 17cm; width: 24cm; depth: 18cm; the second, height: 23cm, width: 30cm; length: 43cm; the third, height: 21cm; width: 35cm; depth 34cm; the base: 125,5 by 100 by 30cm


The text on the base reads: QUOD FATUM (done deal/sealed fate); QUO FATA FERUNT (where the fates bear us to – the motto of Bermuda); AMOR FATI (love of fate); SIC ERAT IN FATIS (so it was fated).

The work (in an edition of 3) looks at the probability factor in the way our species proliferates and how many others come to an end. The dice are symbolic of our chances in the chaos of the universe. Edition 1 of this work is in a private collection in South Africa, and Edition 3 is in a collection in The Netherlands.

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