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  • Strat Caldecott; Sand Dunes, False Bay
  • Strat Caldecott; Sand Dunes, False Bay
  • Strat Caldecott; Sand Dunes, False Bay
  • Strat Caldecott; Sand Dunes, False Bay

Lot Estimate
ZAR 200 000 - 300 000

About this Item

South African 1886-1929
Sand Dunes, False Bay

inscribed with the title on the reverse

oil on panel
38,5 by 45,5cm excluding frame; 57 by 63,5 by 5cm including frame


In the opinion of brilliant art historian, Evelyn Cohen, ‘Strat Caldecott was possibly the only South African artist who absorbed both the vision and style of French art at source in Paris and brought it to bear, unmodified, undimmed on his rendering of the local landscape’.1
Caldecott forsook a legal career to study in Paris from 1912, initially at the Académie Julian and then at the École des Beaux Arts under Gabriel Ferrier. With the outbreak of World War I he joined the British Army but returned to Paris from 1919 until 1923, where he relished the  atmosphere of artistic independence and enjoyed encounters with artists such as Picasso.
As a devoted Francophile, he preferred to paint in an Impressionist style. The present lot depicts the sweep of the bay towards Simon’s Town. The dappled light falling on the beach and the foreground sand dunes is captured with broken brushstrokes of pastel colours while darker, but no less dazzling tones, flicker in the shadows. The cool colours of the bright sky, the distant mountain range and the sea ensure a greater sense of depth while the warm tones and lively painterliness of the dunes gives them a palpable physicality inviting us to step into this unspoilt, spectacular beach.

1. Lucy Alexander, Emma Bedford, Evelyn Cohen (1988) Paris and South African Artists 1850 –1965, South African National Gallery, page 17.


Mr William Spilhaus.

Mr Basil Trakman.

Private Collection.


South African National Gallery, Strat Caldecott Retrospective, 7 May to 15 June 1986, catalogue number 38.

The Durban Art Museum, Strat Caldecott, 21 August 1986, catalogue number 8.

William Humphreys Art Gallery, Caldecott Exhibition, March 1987.


J du P Scholtz, Strat Caldecott, AA Balkema, Cape Town, 1970, page 73.

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