Irma Stern: Time|Line

Live Virtual Auction, 8 June 2022

Irma Stern: Time|Line
About the Session
Irma Stern: Time | Line is a single-artist sale of 140 lots devoted to this illustrious artist. The lots on offer range from oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, etchings, ceramics and books and are presented chronologically, featuring works made in every decade from 1920 until the artist’s death in 1966.
The auction includes 124 artworks from the Irma Stern Trust Collection. Proceeds from the sale of these works will benefit the Irma Stern Trust Collection, housed in the much-loved Irma Stern Museum in Cape Town. Income derived from the sale will strengthen the Irma Stern Trust Collection for the future by preserving the core collection and making it accessible by developing the existing Irma Stern Trust website into an important research resource. 

Sold for

ZAR 190 400
Lot 74
  • Irma Stern; Vase in Female Form

Lot Estimate
ZAR 40 000 - 60 000
Selling Price
Incl. Buyer's Premium & VAT
ZAR 190 400

About this Item

South African 1894-1966
Vase in Female Form

signed and dated 1951 underneath 

glazed and incised terracotta
height: 28,5cm; width: 12cm; depth: 10cm


“In the early 1950s Irma Stern also made an extraordinary group of female figurines, some of which are also illustrated in The Cape Times photograph… Several of them were started on the wheel and then manipulated while the clay was still damp. They were glazed in a variety of colours from white to different shades of brown and then fired. While most clearly represent a standing female figure, they are all highly abstracted. In particular, the head of each figure has been squashed between the artist’s fingers and thumbs producing a summary, pinched effect that directs attention to the figures’ body, notably the huge hips. As abstracted vertical forms, the figurines have a distinct archaic quality and the emphasis on the lower parts of the torso suggests they had some form of fertility function.”1

1Michael Godby (2021) Irma Stern Nudes, 1916-1965, Cape Town: Primavera Publishing, pages 102 and 104.


The Shill Collection. 


Michael Godby (2021) Irma Stern Nudes, 1916-1965, Cape Town: Primavera Publishing, illustrated in a photograph published in The Cape Times, of an exhibition Stern held at the South African Association of Arts in January 1954, page 102, figure 6:8. 

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