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Timed Online Auction, 28 June - 8 July 2024

A Tapestry of Eastern Cape Landscapes
About the Session

A Tapestry of Eastern Cape Landscapes celebrates the Eastern Cape’s rich artistic heritage that includes exceptional pieces by influential artists, Hylton Nel and Athi-Patra Ruga, globally renowned artists shaped by the Eastern Cape and recently celebrated by luxury brand Dior. 

The Grahamstown Group, initiated by Brian Bradshaw, created a pictorial identity for the Rhodes University Art School, typified by a vibrant palette and monumental compositions. Notable artists from this art school that make up the first half of the session: Brain Bradshaw, Robert Brooks, Noel Hodnett, Hilary Graham, Joss Nel, and Estelle Marais, among others. The sale commemorates Robert Brooks, head of the art school at Rhodes University from 1981 until 1997, who recently passed.

Furthermore, the session showcases two notable paintings by Frederick Timpson I'Ons, portraying early residents of Grahamstown and cattle at Kariega River. These artworks provide a valuable glimpse into the Eastern Cape landscape during the 1800s, serving as significant historical documents. Featured alongside are works by Nigel Mullins, Ben Coutouvidis, Hermann Niebuhr, Helen Timm, interior scenes by Cathy Layzell and Anne Collins, compelling photographs by Obie Oberholzer, striking felt Aloe sculptures from the Keiskamma Art Project. Notably, the session also includes a rare oil painting by Betsy Fordyce portraying the Durban harbour.

  • Sydney Carter; Bluegums Along a Pathway
  • Sydney Carter; Bluegums Along a Pathway
  • Sydney Carter; Bluegums Along a Pathway

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ZAR 3 000 - 5 000
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About this Item

South African 1874-1945
Bluegums Along a Pathway


watercolour on artist's board
24 by 26cm excluding frame; 44 by 44 by 2,5cm including frame

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