Lionel Smit; Portrait Blue
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South African and International Art, Decorative Arts and Jewellery

1 April - 8 April 2019

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Lot 316
Lionel Smit
Portrait Blue
SOLD R76 213
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Willem Boshoff; Formication
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Willem Boshoff’s interest in the relationship between word and image goes back to the early-1980s when he published his now famous book, KykAfrikaans, full of visual, or concrete poetry. The art of it resides in the fact that words become a visual language, not just alphabetical symbols for abstract concepts or physical objects. In the lithograph on the left, Boshoff chooses an obscure word and ‘’writes out’’ definitions of it across the picture plane, creating a fine network of lines and textures. In making these lines Boshoff uses a letter press for the language that runs over the lithograph beneath it. The print on the right is sheer texture created with jumbled up words.

Lot 408
Willem Boshoff
SOLD R7 035
Lot 410
Willem Boshoff
Last Track I
SOLD R5 863

Willem Boshoff; Lost Track I