Curatorial Voices – Private Sale

The following artworks are available for immediate purchase.

Contact Senior Specialist, Head of Department, Kirsty Colledge | +27 83 326 8283

Guest Curator:

Kimberley Cunningham
South Africa, Cunningham Contemporary

Since launching Cunningham Contemporary my mission has been to support art market by acting as a disruptor and engaging in meaningful collaboration. Collaborating with Strauss on a Contemporary sale that is for the continent, on the continent opens up conscious dialogue as well as shifting the traditional power balances within the market. Through a pioneering curatorial vision, we hope to empower the artists and patronsand continue to strengthen the art ecosystem from within.

Private Sale – Price on Request

Sivan Zeffertt | Field Guide
Talia Ramkilawan | The Wishing Well
Dominique Cheminais | Milena in the Darkness (detail)
Mikhailia Petersen | Her, Mishal (detail)
Khanyisile Mawhayi | Ndzekho wa Mina wa Khapa (detail)
Sahlah Davids | Recollecting III