Modern and Contemporary Art: Namibian Horizons

Timed Online Auction, 26 April - 8 May 2023

Dassenberg Rescue Centre Benefit Auction
About the Session

Strauss & Co in collaboration with Everard Read is delighted to present a special benefit session that features six exceptional lots by artists Barbara Wildenboer, Helmut Starke, Nicola Bailey, Dylan Lewis, and Nigel Mullins. The proceeds of each work will be donated to the Dassenberg Rescue Centre. This admirable organisation is committed to caring for neglected and abused dogs and horses in Atlantis, Western Cape. As a non-profit organisation, they rely heavily on public support to provide essential care and rehabilitation for up to 60 dogs and 40 horses, as well as running a community outreach programme that uses animals to help vulnerable youth in therapeutic interventions. By acquiring one of the lots in this benefit session, you will be making a significant contribution to this noble cause. We encourage you to bid generously and join us in supporting the vital work of the Dassenberg Rescue Centre.

Dassenberg Rescue Centre Benefit Auction
Art Club
Namibian Horizons
Impression / Expression

Found 6 lots in session 1

Results include Buyer's Premium and VAT
Barbara Wildenboer; Recapitulation Theory III
Barbara Wildenboer
Recapitulation Theory III
ZAR 18 000 - 20 000
Sold for ZAR 21 105
Incl. Buyer's Premium & VAT
Nigel Mullins; Wolfhound, After Poulus Potter
Nigel Mullins
Wolfhound, After Poulus Potter
ZAR 38 000 - 48 000
Nicola Bailey; Gentle Fellow-Creature (Bella)
Nicola Bailey
Gentle Fellow-Creature (Bella)
ZAR 16 000 - 20 000
Sold for ZAR 11 725
Incl. Buyer's Premium & VAT
Helmut Starcke; Caprivi On My Mind #0
Helmut Starcke
Caprivi On My Mind #0
ZAR 200 000 - 250 000
Sold for ZAR 234 500
Incl. Buyer's Premium & VAT
Dylan Lewis; Leopard Fragment II (S181)
Dylan Lewis
Leopard Fragment II (S181)
ZAR 400 000 - 600 000
Dylan Lewis; Leopard Heads I (P008)
Dylan Lewis
Leopard Heads I (P008)
ZAR 25 000 - 30 000
Sold for ZAR 29 313
Incl. Buyer's Premium & VAT

Results in green indicate post sales.