the andrew newall collection of weapons and the vyvyan myerson collection of cutlery

The Andrew Newall Collection of Weapons and the Vyvyan Myerson Collection of Cutlery

8 Oct 2021

Strauss & Co will be offering the collections of Andrew Newall and Vyvyan Myerson, both long standing clients, on a dedicated Online auction taking place from 6 – 18 October, 2021.

Andrew Newall’s collection is represented by swords, daggers, knives and polearms which he has put together over the last sixty years.  When asked about his interest he stated that he had to delve back into his childhood memories when he was inspired by his parents’ interest in old flintstones, bows and arrows. He would scour all the second-hand shops buying what he could afford, in those days there was very little interest or value attached to this collecting field. He joined his father’s antique business in 1972 and continued collecting over the ensuing years.  

He enjoyed putting the collection together in catalogue form and was particularly appreciative of the group of keris, elegant daggers handmade by skilful craftsmen with fine wavy watered blades. He also acquired knives made in the Canary Islands, daggers from Sri Lanka and was intrigued by the American bowie knives made by the English cutler, Joseph Rodgers, for the American market. From his sword collection he is particularly proud of a Mameluke sword and a fine Danish sword bearing the Danish royal cypher. In his modest way he hopes that the circle of custodianship will continue.

The second collection, also formed over sixty years, represents the late Vyvyan Myerson’s passion for cutlery from the 17th to the late 19th centuries. It spans examples of knives, forks and spoons made from agate, tortoiseshell, ivory and porcelain. It follows the evolution of the spoon from a 17th century folding spoon to more familiar examples from the late 19th century. His interest also included early scissor blanks, a pair of Persian caligrapher’s steel scissors and an amusing collection of miniature penknives which includes a novelty example with a handle in the form of a green car.

These two collections represent a unique and exciting opportunity to acquire extraordinary examples of fine workmanship. The dedicated Online-Only auction is taking place from 6 – 18 October 2021.