online auction of works by anidle dyalvane - for generations to come


Online Auction of works by Andile Dyalvane – for generations to come

17 Nov 2021

In partnership with Strauss & Co, Sanlam Private Wealth is proud to present an online auction of five ceramic artworks by globally acclaimed master ceramicist Andile Dyalvane.

The proceeds will benefit the artist’s former school in his home village in the Eastern Cape, Ngobozana Primary School.

Andile Dyalvane is a well-travelled designer and internationally renowned artist with residencies in Denmark, France, the US and Taiwan. He has also exhibited his work with great success in London and New York. Locally, he is a co-founder of Imiso Ceramics.

In keeping with Andile’s ethos of camagu, or gratitude – a signature line featured in all his projects which reminds him of the responsibility to leave a footprint for the next generation – he seeks to help his former school, which is in dire need of infrastructure and educational equipment.

‘By donating the proceeds of this special auction, I wish to honour my heritage and give something back to the community where it all started, where as a small child in Ngobozana I was moulding clay oxen along the river banks with my friends,’ he says. ‘Also, my success is because of those who came before me – they paved the way for us to be able to continue where they left off.’


Sanlam Private Wealth has for some time now been collaborating with Andile as part of a broader strategy to showcase its distinct approach to wealth creation and preservation. In a similar fashion to how artists create one-of-a-kind pieces with careful planning, deliberation and inspiration, Sanlam Private Wealth approaches clients as individuals with unique needs that require customised solutions.

‘It gives us great pleasure to present this online auction of Andile’s works in partnership with Strauss & Co – it provides us with an opportunity to collectively contribute to furthering the education of our current and future generations,’ says Carl Roothman, CEO of Sanlam Private Wealth.


For Strauss & Co, the online auction – for which it is waiving all fees – forms part of a focus on cultivating a better appreciation for contemporary South African art ceramics on the secondary market.

‘We are delighted to be able to not only showcase Andile’s work in this vital medium, but also for the opportunity to assist him in making a difference in the lives of the people of his home village – giving a hand up to those who come after us,’ says Frank Kilbourn, Chairperson of Strauss & Co.


The Strauss & Co online-only auction includes a dedicated session of Andile’s five ceramic works and will be open for bidding from 8am on Monday 22 November 2021, and will close at 8pm Monday 29 November 2021. Register, browse & bid:


All Andile’s works are once-off and signed dated and marked with the artist’s monogram.

  • Elwalweni, IIndonga Series – made for and exhibited at the GFI Ceramic Fair from 4 April to 5 May 2019. Materials: white stoneware and charcoal clay. Dimensions: 33 by 29,5cm. Estimate: R100 000 to R150 000.

The IIndonga Collection is an energetic body of ceramic works seeking to transport you through the echoing passages of a moving, breathing, rhythmic earth. In his home village of Ngobozana, Andile began to recognise the elation induced from singing to the earth, clay at his fingertips – he dances with swift, pulsating intention when creating these impressed footprints of motion in his Cape Town studio.

  • Nyulu (Purify), was made for an intimate group show held at the Southern Guild Gallery in Cape Town from 14 November 2019 to 30 January 2020 titled Communion. Materials: glazed and painted charcoal clay. Dimensions: 50 by 50 by 67cm. Estimate: R300 000 to R400 000.

Andile is guided by a deep spiritual connection to his isiXhosa ancestors through his work. In this piece, he enacts the deep significance of camagu in isiXhosa culture, symbolising essential steps towards reconciliation and personal growth.

  • Africasso, Africasso Series, showcased at the Imiso Gallery. Materials: stoneware clay. Dimensions: 24,3 x 24cm. Estimate: R30 000 to R50 000.

Picasso was inspired by Africa and Andile was inspired by Picasso, and the two meet in a collection of ceramic bowls and vases that reflect a deep yet emotive fusion of creative design and visual art on clay.

  • Scarified, Scarified Series, showcased at the Imiso Gallery. Materials: stoneware clay. Dimensions: 27 x 29,5cm. Estimate: R30 000 to R50 000.

This collection is inspired by an ancient African tradition of body scarification – a practice used to recognise and protect an individual against various negative spiritual and physical manifestations.

  • Views, Views from the Studio Series, showcased at the Imiso Gallery. Materials: stoneware clay. Dimensions: 27 by 21cm. Estimate: R30 000 to R50 000.

Views from the Studio is the latest statement from the Imiso Ceramic Studio. The work is both a literal and metaphoric view of Andile as he interprets the less popular view of the Cape Town city skyline, inspired by his daily view of the harbour and industrial areas.

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