Valuation Days

Strauss & Co holds two jewellery auctions a year as a part of our regular Cape Town auctions.

We welcome submissions and would be delighted to assist you with a confidential valuation.

Please contact us to book an appointment:
Tel: 021 683 6560

Diamond, emerald and ruby brooch/
pendant, circa 1890 Sold R133 680

Pair of diamond dress clips, 1930s
Sold R77 980

Amethyst and diamond demi-parure
Sold R125 048


Gold and agate-mounted pendant/
locket, circa 1860 Sold R20 462
to benefit various animal charities

Tourmaline and garnet bracelet
Sold R90 944

An unset Vivid Fancy Yellow colour round
brilliant cut diamond, weighing 6.21 carats
Sold R557 000