Young Guns

A new generation of progressive winemakers have emerged in South Africa.

The Rising Stars

These are the young guns in the new wave of the South African quality revolution. And we think they are shooting the lights out! They travel and taste extensively, drawing inspiration from the classics through to the more edgy, hip styles and techniques, from the profound and obscure wine regions of the world. And then they apply their own creative interpretations on home soil, often searching for unique vineyard sites, cultivars and old vines. The results are most often small in numbers and high in demand, selling out on release.

They are the rising stars, the future icons and, ultimately, tomorrow’s investment wines.

What is a Young Gun?

A talented winemaker who pushes the boundaries, breaks the rules and creates cutting-edge wines with personality and energy. Young Guns either work, or have worked, for notable estates but also produce unique wines under their own labels. They are dynamic, working together in pushing the envelope and promoting brand SA.

They are the winemakers who should be on your radar as they are making some of the most daring, innovative, and simply delicious wines in SA.

Keeping a Watchful Eye

Since 2011, Wine Cellar have been showcasing these future stars at our annual Young Guns™ tastings. Each year, Wine Cellar scour the vineyards and unearth the producers who’ll be making tomorrow’s greatest wines.

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8:00am Thursday 27 August -
8:00pm Monday 7 September

Young Guns