The Mahak Kala Collection

Glittering yellow diamonds, emerald-cut aquamarines and Paraiba tourmalines pay homage to the countries that Kala and his family called home for over 30 years. His pieces are fashion-forward, but also exhibit rare and unusual cuts and combinations of gemstones that speak to his heritage and history. 

Mahak Kala

Fine Jewellery Designer

Having been brought up in a family of jewellers and gemstone dealers, jewellery designing always seemed like my natural calling. As a fourth generation jeweller I was privileged to receive early exposure to an array of coloured gemstones and understood the nuances of the industry from an early age being driven by the imagery and motifs I was around growing up in countries like Japan, India, China and Africa. Often these trips were to accompany my father while he searched for the brightest and the best of gems from the mines in Africa or while he entertained his customers in his offices in New York and Japan.

The first piece of jewellery I designed was while I was in middle school. It was a set of twin rings for my mother and father, something they still wear today. The beauty of being able to create something solely from imagination suddenly became very exhilarating causing me to spend more time with the artisans whenever I could. The nature of gems, their colours and their vividness formed a second language. The skills required to further experiment with the materials were then honed at GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and Parsons College of Art and Design. 

Almost all the pieces begin with either a sketch or sometimes the gemstone itself guides us thus creating a blend of materials and colours from across the globe. The jewellery in itself is not just a reflection of our heritage as an Indians, but a culmination of travels and all the wonderful people we meet along the way. Together these convey a certain sense of the known explored through fresh perspectives and techniques. Each piece pays homage to not just a place’s experience or the jewel’s craftsman but also to the wearer’s pleasure. The jewels tell a story of neither a place nor a city but of a memory encrusted with rich colours that is to be worn, shared and experienced. Thus creating a unique memory for the wearer that is to be passed on for generations to come.

We started with a capsule collection called “Dames” which featured pieces with interchangeable centre stones. The collection gained traction and was featured by the likes of Vogue China, In-Style, Gems Magazine and hailed by Harpers Bazaar China as “One of the most innovative collections in recent years.” From there we have gradually moved up in our price point and carry articles that could take 180 days to complete.

Press Release

Strauss & Co have partnered with premium jewellery designer Mahak Kala of Panchoo London for a unique offering to be launched in April through the Strauss & Co Shop.

Strauss & Co have developed a deserved reputation as South Africa’s top auction house. The Strauss & Co team are always hard at work crafting exciting new innovations for their clients and in early March, in a first for South Africa, the new Strauss & Co Shop successfully launched to much fanfare by debuting an exhilarating collaboration with gemologist and jewellery designer Taz Watson.

The Strauss & Co Shop offers jewellery, art and objects available for immediate purchase online outside of the regular Strauss & Co auction calendar. Items sold through the Shop are available for a limited time and on a pop-up basis only, and are carefully selected and curated by Strauss & Co’s team of specialists.

Hot on the heels of the launch, Strauss & Co’s Senior Art Specialist Kirsty Colledge and Watson have paired eight breathtaking pieces of jewellery by Mahak Kala of Panchoo London, available to purchase only through the Strauss & Co Shop, with eight pieces of modern, post-war and contemporary South African art that will be available through Strauss & Co’s first live auction this year from 3-6 April.