Online Sellers Guide

Invitation to consign to Strauss Online

We accept items of a quality and value suitable for Strauss Online auctions. Please feel free to use our online valuation form or contact one of our specialists directly for a complimentary valuation.

Ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar by Aanlyn Verkoopsgids


Pre-sale estimates are based upon the current market prices achieved at auction for comparable property, taking into consideration the sale history for the artist, the subject matter, quality of execution, current market conditions, condition, rarity, provenance, as well as our considered opinion.


Lots may be subject to a reserve which is a confidential figure between Strauss & Co. and the seller, below which a lot will not be sold.

Seller’s commission

Strauss & Co. charges a commission to the seller calculated at 15% on the final hammer price. VAT is payable on the commission only, at the applicable rate.


Payment will be made to the seller 30 days after the date of the sale. Alternatively, should Strauss & Co. not have received payment from the buyer within this time, payment to sellers will be made within 7 days of Strauss & Co.’s receipt of full payment, as per our conditions of business.

Please make sure that your correct banking details are submitted.

Collection of unsold lots

All unsold lots are to be collected from Strauss & Co. within 14 days after the date of the sale, at the seller’s expense, unless alternative arrangements are made with Strauss & Co. regarding re-offering said lot(s) or collection/delivery thereof.

Delivery of consignments

Goods consigned to Strauss Online sales via courier or transporter must be pre-paid by the consignor.