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Hermanus Fynarts Festival

  10 June 2016     Archived

The Stephan Welz series of Fynarts Talks


11-19 June 2016

Sponsored by Strauss & Co

All talks are held at the Municipal Auditorium unless specified.

Saturday 11 June 10.00 John Kani The Role of Arts in South Africa
Saturday 11 June 11.00 Louis Jansen van Vuuren, Hardy Olivier & Isabella Niehaus Bella and the Boys
Saturday 11 June 15.00 Louis Jansen van Vuuren Art in the Round - A Painting Performance
Saturday 11 June 15.00 Christopher Hope A Distant Drum (Windsor Hotel)
Sunday 12 June 10.00 Carol Baker, Noseti Makubalo and Cebo Mvubu The Keiskamma Art Project
Sunday 12 June 11.15 Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) & Christopher Hope Is South Africa Beyond Satire?
Monday 13 June 9.00 Richard Cock What's in a Name? (Harbour Rock Restaurant)
Monday 13 June 10.00 Marilyn Martin 1. The Two Poles of Art: Meissonier vs Monet
Monday 13 June 11.15 Marilyn Martin 2. The Judgement Reversed
Monday 13 June 14.00 Rodney Trudgeon The Art of the Conductor
Monday 13 June 15.15 Adi Cloete A Journey through Jewellery
Tuesday 14 June 10.00 Rodney Trudgeon The Berlin Philpharmonic - 100 years of Recordings
Tuesday 14 June 11.15 Pieter Coertzen The French Huguenots of South Africa after 1988
Tuesday 14 June 14.00 Chris Whitehouse Artistic Patterns in Plants (Windsor Hotel)
Tuesday 14 June 15.15 Vic Hamilton-Attwell Hidden Art in the Sexual Life of Flowers (Windsor Hotel)
Wednesday 15 June 10.00 Anne Marie Bezdrob The Many Faces of Winnie Mandela
Wednesday 15 June 11.15 Michael Godby Home Truths - Domestic Interiors in South African Collections
Wednesday 15 June 14.00 Titia Ballot The Fine Art of Printmaking (Courtyard Room, Marine Hotel)
Wednesday 15 June 15.00 Warren Siebrits Walter Whall Battiss (Walker Bay Art Gallery)
Thursday 16 June 10.00 James Gray Brothers-in-Arms - The Delville Wood Story (United Church)
Thursday 16 June 11.15 Marica Otto & Libby de Villiers Slow Violence (United Church)
Friday 17 June 10.00 Anthony Hamilton Russell French Influence on Wine Making in South Africa
Friday 17 June 11.15 Felicity Jervis Food Glorious Food, in Art
Saturday 18 June 9.00 Max du Preez The Art of Free Speech (Harbour Rock)
Saturday 18 June 10.00 Mike Bruton When I was a Fish
Saturday 18 June 11.15 David Kramer in conversation with Christopher Hope  
Saturday 18 June 14.00 Sheik Aslam Tambara Aspects of Islam and Architecture (Mosque, Main Road)
Sunday 19 June 10.00 Francis Galloway, Petrovna Metelerkamp And Karin Schimke Ingrid Jonker & Andre Brink, Two Sestigers in Love & in Conversation
Sunday 19 June 11.15 Ingrid Jonker Worldwide - a Multimedia Film by Petrovna Metelerkamp  

About Strauss & Co:

Strauss & Co is South Africa's leading auction house. It was founded in 2009 by a consortium of business leaders and industry experts, including Stephan Welz, Elisabeth Bradley, Conrad Strauss, Vanessa Phillips, Ann Palmer and Bina Genovese. The company has the highest market share amongst the three leading auction houses specialising in South African art globally. In 2015 the company's turnover surpassed R200 million - a sum unrivalled by any auction house dealing in South African art in a single year.

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